Look at the world. What do you see? Who are people around you? Look at your friends in school and your community. Do you know where they come from, what their background is?

Did you know that there are more than 190 countries in the world today, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe? The biggest country in the world is Russia, with 17,075,200 square km, and the Vatican City is considered the smallest country with only 0.44 square km.

In Malaysia, Malaysians speak at least two languages - Bahasa Malaysia and English - while in India, even though English is the second official language, Indians also speak several hundred other languages. How many languages can you speak?

In China, unmarried ladies throw mandarin oranges into the rivers on the 15th day of Chinese New Year to wish for a husband.


You are on a voyage around the world to explore the different nations of the world. At the end of your journey, you have a mission to create your own country! In your new wonderful world, consider what it will look like? Will it look like the country you are living in now or one that you have visited in the past? What are the things that you enjoy now that you would also like to have in your new wonderful world? Would you have different festivals and celebrations, cultures or languages?

In this WebQuest, your aims are:

globeicon.pngTo understand various cultures around the world – geography, languages, costumes, festivals, etc.;

globeicon.pngTo have a new nation created – with its own language, flag, culture, costume, festivals, etc.; and

globeicon.pngTo present this new nation to your peers.

Here is a video clip to help you get started. It should give you an overview of the world today:


Now, click on the "Tasks" link to start your WebQuest! good-luck-clover-21.jpggood-luck-clover-21.jpggood-luck-clover-21.jpg