pen%20Icon.jpgYour teacher will assign you to groups. You should come up with a name for your group.
pen%20Icon.jpgSave and print this checklist. You will need this along your quest. <My Wonderful World - Checklist.pdf>
pen%20Icon.jpgHere is an introduction to the world. Watch and listen to this video:

pen%20Icon.jpgHere are the roles within each team. Decide who will take on the roles.

people-icon.gifProject Manager
people-icon.gifResearch Specialist (2-3 positions)
people-icon.gifCreative Designer

600px-Information_icon_svg.png Reminder: Even though everyone in the team has a specific role, you will still need to work together and help each other out in all the tasks!

pen%20Icon.jpgNow that you have learned a new song, let’s browse through some countries in the world. For each continent, choose a few (2-5) countries and find out what each country’s language, flag, culture, costumes, and celebrations are. This is to give you an overview of the multiple nations around the world and the uniqueness of each nation.
pen%20Icon.jpgNext, research on two/three of your favourite countries. You will gather data on each country’s language, flag, culture, costumes, and celebrations. See what other interesting information you can come up with in your research. Here are some links to help start you up:

imagesCA8QY1R0.jpgGlobal Education
imagesCA8QY1R0.jpgWorld Atlas
imagesCA8QY1R0.jpgDEECD's Fuse

pen%20Icon.jpgStart researching. Each team member is responsible for fulfilling their role through researching and reporting back to the group the tasks they have completed.
pen%20Icon.jpgOnce information has been researched and finalised, team members must report back to the Creative Designer so he/she can compile these information and prepare the presentation. You may use Microsoft Powerpoint to do this.
pen%20Icon.jpgPresent your research to the class, with each role discussing their research and how they contributed to the team's project.


Part A: Getting Started - Drawing 27647_24675_128_art_brush_color_drawing_icon.png

pen%20Icon.jpgYour team should now know the various unique aspects of a country. You are now expected to make up a new nation of your own. This new nation should have its own name, language, flag, costumes, culture and celebrations. You do not need to use a name of an existing country. The questions in this section are to help you with ideas. Be creative and come up with your own ideas, too! All the best!
pen%20Icon.jpgYou may use Word to document all your information. You may also use Powerpoint to draft out any ideas that you have. Make sure that the Project Manager keeps a copy of everyone’s work! You will need to share and discuss the idea of your new nation to your teacher once you are done.
pen%20Icon.jpgHere are some applications that you may use to help you with your presentation:

drawing-icon.jpg**Drawing for Children**

pen%20Icon.jpgIf you would like to learn more about different nations around the world, here is another link to help you out:
Explore & More - A Children's Museum
pen%20Icon.jpgAlways remember to check in with the Project Manager. Project Manager, you must make sure that you frequently report and share your team's updates to the teacher to ensure that the team's ideas are acceptable and correspond to the aims of this WebQuest.

Part B: Namenation123.jpg

pen%20Icon.jpgGive your new nation a name.
pen%20Icon.jpgHow will you decide on the name of your country?
pen%20Icon.jpgWill it be a combination of different names or will it have a completely new name?
pen%20Icon.jpgOnce you have picked a name, be sure to include this in your presentation. Don't forget to save your work!

Part C: National LanguageLanguagesIcon.png

pen%20Icon.jpgWhat language does your new nation use?
pen%20Icon.jpgWill the national language be English or something else?
pen%20Icon.jpgWill there be more than one national language?
pen%20Icon.jpgOnce you have decided on the language, be sure to include this in your presentation. Don't forget to save your work!

Part D: National Flag stock-vector-united-states-of-america-flag-icon-button-with-official-coloring-for-more-see-profile-22169857.jpg

pen%20Icon.jpgWhat will your flag look like?
pen%20Icon.jpgWhat are the elements that will go on your flag?
pen%20Icon.jpgWhat are the colours of your flag?
pen%20Icon.jpgWill you have a crest, your native animals or more on your flag?
pen%20Icon.jpgTo help you in this section on flags, you may want to consider going back to the World Atlas page for ideas.
pen%20Icon.jpgDon't forget to draw up your flag and include this in your presentation. Don't forget to save your work!

Part E: National Costumecostume.png

pen%20Icon.jpgThink of costumes for males and/or females. What are the important elements in your costumes? Are there feathers, sequins, pom poms, spikes, ribbons, etc.?
pen%20Icon.jpgWould you have accessories to go with the costume?
pen%20Icon.jpgAre there special shoes that match the costumes?
pen%20Icon.jpgWill you design a headpiece for the costume?
pen%20Icon.jpgHow would you put the costume on? Is it a 2-piece costume or are there layers, perhaps?
pen%20Icon.jpgWhen you have finalised the national costume(s) be sure to include this drawing in your presentation. Don't forget to save your work!
pen%20Icon.jpgWatch this video clip and see if you get more ideas on your own national costume:

pen%20Icon.jpgGet more ideas at Folk Costumes Around the Globe!
pen%20Icon.jpgHere are some photos of national costumes around the world:


Part F: National FlowerFire%20Flower%20icon.png

pen%20Icon.jpgEach country has a national flower. What will the national flower of your country be?
pen%20Icon.jpgIs the national flower a special plant that grows only in your nation?
pen%20Icon.jpgIs there a specific meaning to the national flower?
pen%20Icon.jpgHere are some interesting facts about flowers around the world: The Flower Expert

Part G: FestivalsSpring-20Festival-20Icon-2006.png

pen%20Icon.jpgFestivals are celebrations that bring people together for a reason. They celebrate a unique aspect of a community.
pen%20Icon.jpgWhat will you celebrate in your country?
pen%20Icon.jpgWill there be lots of sound, colours and food? Will people be working together to build something? Or will they be gathering together for a big party?
pen%20Icon.jpgWatch this video clip and see if you can come up with your own festival:

pen%20Icon.jpgGet more ideas from HappyWink!

Part F: Extras / ExtensionExtra%20Icon.jpg

pen%20Icon.jpgTake note: There are no extra marks for Part F. This is an extension to Task 2.
pen%20Icon.jpgIs there anything else that you would like to create for your new nation?
pen%20Icon.jpgYou can come up with new ideas for food, public holidays and/or sports. Use your imagination!
pen%20Icon.jpgDon't forget to include this in your presentation!

Part G: Compiling - My Wonderful Worldcpvi.png

pen%20Icon.jpgNow that you have decided on all your wonderful ideas, make sure that the Creative Designer compiles all these ideas into a one main file.
pen%20Icon.jpgPresent your ideas to the teacher before moving on to the next task.


pen%20Icon.jpgUsing the designs you have prepared in Task 2, you are now required to prepare visual representations of your new nation. You may use any material/tool to prepare this – coloured paper/pencils, newspaper, fabric, sequins, pom poms, feathers, etc. or any suitable computer application.
pen%20Icon.jpgCollect materials the team needs to create the designs. You may need (but are not limited) to use PowerPoint to express and explain your national language, flag, flower and festival.
pen%20Icon.jpgStart creating!
pen%20Icon.jpgPresent your new nation to the class.

600px-Information_icon_svg.pngThere is a lot to do in this WebQuest. If you need help along the way, download this checklist: My Wonderful World - Checklist.pdf

600px-Information_icon_svg.pngOnce you have completed all 3 major tasks, click on to the "Evaluation" page to continue on your WebQuest.