There are 3 main tasks in this WebQuest.

In groups of four or five, you are required to research information and prepare a presentation on two countries of the world. The presentation should be informational and interesting and include information like the national language, culture, flag, costumes and celebrations, etc. You will be presenting this to the class using Microsoft Powerpoint. Each person in the group will be assigned a specific role.

Your team is expected to make up a new nation. This new nation should have its own name, language, flag, costumes, culture and celebrations. You are to share and discuss the idea of your new nation to your teacher.

Using the idea that you have presented to your teacher, you are required to prepare visual representations for your new nation. You may use any material/tool to prepare this – coloured paper/pencils, newspaper, fabric, etc. or any suitable computer application. When you are done, you are to present your new nation to the entire class.

The details and processes of each task are found in the "Processes" page. Click here to get going! grey-bear-good-luck.jpg